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Octagonal Studio Softbox 70 cm Diameter

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Octagonal Softbox 70cm:

Octogonal softboxes are a popular kit to soften and to produce even light. They are used heavily in portrait photography. Its octagon shape allows light to spread evenly over the subject being photographed and transferring the shape of the softbox to the models eye.The convex front face helps the lights to spread in all directions. The eight sided box makes sure the light from the box has smoother effect.

  • For portrait & product photography shooting
  • With front diffuser and convenient carrying bag
  • Easy set-up &  Even illumination
  • Provides a round sparkle effect in the model's eyes
  • Dimensions (diameter) 90cm octagonal
  • Includes - Front diffuser
  • Weight-   0.7kg
1 x Octagonal Soft box ( Without Bulb)



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